Tracks & Track Bikes

My first ever track day was on the NC30 at Cadwell and as I said was great but underpowered on the straight and the very next time with NC30 was the Nurburgring which I also did on the white 848 the very next year.

The Nurburgring or more correctly named Nordschleife came about with TVAM.  but more than TVAM it was David Jacobi (sadly no longer with us) who really made it come about and this was hiring the whole circuit for the day for us only.  What a guy.  The work he did with TVAM was above and beyond.  Weirdly though there is no mention of David what so ever on TVAm web site 🙁 .  Having the whole circuit  for us only was just brilliant and David managed to organise this two years running.  The following year never happened due to financial difficulties at Nurburgring.