Mid Arm Quilt Machine

My machine is a Grace Q’nique 15 R which we imported direct from the USA, even with the duties, taxes and transformer it was still cheaper than the European suppliers. The machine is 115volts so is run through a good quality transformer and works fine. I bought it with the extra rear handles which haven’t been used yet but will in the future. We didn’t import a table but my husband designed and hand built one. It is a sturdy 3m long alloy table which took a couple of tweaks to get it just right.

As of the second half of 2019 I’m still in the learning stage but have produced some interesting pieces.

The ‘R’ of the Q’niquie 15 R is important in that it stands for ‘regulator’. If you haven’t come across this and were thinking of getting a mid / long arm machine then I would highly recommend this facility. It works via two wheels which run along the side to side and back to back rails and they operate the movement of needle so with the slightest of movements in any direction the needle starts to operate, not going up and down at a constant speed but speeds up and slows down with the movement and speed of the machine which gives fantastic control.

When the machine was first bought it lived in the garage and although it’s a very nice garage, fully plastered and white walls with an insulated door it’s still a garage.  The problem with this is that the temperature and humidity is not very constant and this can and does have an effect on the thread with quilt it is going through.

In 2021 my husband essentially rebuilt and slightly extended my work room (normally a bedroom).  This room was always cold and a little draughty.  Now it is nice and cosy and there is just enough room to have the mid arm in with me.

If you would like details of importing and the table and construction then please contact me.