So it all started when I was in my last year at school where Motorcycle News was the periodical of choice between me and my mates.

First Dave got a BSA Bantam followed by Henry who I think had a FS1E in blue and John, one of Henry’s older brother’s who was already working had a BSA Starfire .  I however was banned from having such an evil thing!  Parents, what do they know?

Any how with this motorcycle ban ringing in my ears I got my paper rounds (I had two) money together and bought a box full of Triumph Tiger Cub in bits from school mate Ian and deposited at Henry’s house to build into my first two wheeled metal steed.  Yesss.

Of course at some point this had to be broached with the parental folk which I didn’t quite see how was going to pan out but of course it did and in an unexpected way…

If you can imagine our house on the southern slopes of the Avon valley in Limpley Stoke (the best place in the world to grow up) and I’m winding my way up our curving path fresh from school with unusually (it never happened) my mother standing at the front of the our house and I realise she has a brown manila envelope swinging between her thumb and fore finger.  “what is this?” is the burning question from mum.  Damn those officials.  Why oh why did they have to print “Ministry Of Transport” on the outside!  “That’ll be my motorbike log book”

Well that sorted that.