Back to Biking

I hadn’t had a bike for years but once a biker always a biker and having been talking to Derek an ex police rider and customer of ours Hilary overheard us and to my suprise bought me a Suzuki GS450 from a neighbour of ours, so I got back into biking.

The GS was a great bike to come back with as it was an undemanding but capable parallel twin. More of twins later…

Derek was also a member of TVAM a local IAM group which I joined on his advice and having got my Observer, Tony, I got into the swing of it all on our busy roads around the area.

It wasn’t long before I hankered after something a little more capable. Sold the GS and found a very clean Yamaha 900 Diversion with a complete set of Givi’s. This I kept for a much longer period. With this bike it meant that Hilary could go pillion and we did many trips away, often with TVAM who I passed my IAM test with on this bike. Again the Divi is was a capable bike with four across the chassis. It did what it said on the tin. I wouldn’t have another four across for many years after this one.

Having passed the IAM test on the Divi it wasn’t long before I became an Observer for TVAM which I did for 17 years and now have life long friends from this.