First New Bike

The first ever new bike I bought was an Honda XL1000V Varadero in Candy Orange.  Not the first twin I’d had but the first V twin, but more of that later…

This bike although it had its faults was good for Observing on with TVAM , general riding, touring and having a laugh as it liked being thrown about up t a point.

We toured on the continent with the Varadero and a lot of Britain besides.

Its faults:

  • The rear suspension was way too soft and would bottom out with a load on.
  • It would spark out far to easily and being top heavy could easily be dropped if this happened.  I only dropped it once but came close to a few hernias trying to hold it up.
  • And the one that tried to kill us in Wales…
  • I bought the hard panniers for the bike and with two up and luggage on a long sweeping left hander, one grounded out and pushed us wide into the oncoming carriage way.  Fortunately nothing was coming the other way so it ended well if not a little shocked.  I sent a right snotty letter to Honda and they took them back and refunded the money.