OMCC OMCCas a club are involved with road riding, track riding, wheelie school, flat track, off road riding including green lanes and closed and also 125cc endurance racing in the FreeTech rounds.

These endurance races range from 3hr, 6hr, 12hr through to 24hr and they are great fun.

Our club team “OMCC Riff Raff” uses a Honda 125R which can only be ridden at speed by keeping it right up near the red line at all times.

So far I’ve ridden it at Knockhill in Scotland in 2021 and Pembrey, Wales at the begging of April 2022 with a team of four for a 6hr race.  I was asked to qualify it and also managed to get the fastest lap in our team.  Not bad for a 68 year old. 😂😂

I was asked to join the Little Chopper team for the 24 hour race at Teeside on the 2nd/3rd July 2022 with practice on the Friday before.

Little Chopper is a private team made up from four members of OMCC and the bike a Yamaha 125 is in the street stock class which is the lowest of the three categories. For the 245hr I and one other member was asked to make up the team to six members each doing half hour stints with a total of four hours each.

Annoyingly during my one but last stint I was taken out and then run over by a bike I’d just overtaken which had two consequences.  1. It broke the right hand foot peg and brake pedal off and 2. I cracked a rib at the bottom of my rib cage.  Still this didn’t stop the fun as I picked the bike up, rode it back to the pits and we were soon on our way again without loosing a place. 🤪  The rib didn’t stop me doing my last stint and we finished 9th in class with 16 behind us and 24th overall out of 58 finishers.

OMCC Honda CBR125 club bike
Little Chopper Team minus NIgel who left early for work