125 FreeTech Endurance racing

Early practice Saturday.

Friday and it’s off to Teeside Kart racing circuit to join Andy, Martin and Rich to race in the 125 FreeTech 4 hour endurance race thi Saturday so that’s 11 hours of driving to do 1 hour of racing.

Looking forwards to a BBQ with the northern contingency of the Kirby family who have invited us over this evening and have often come to the meetings up near them. Thanks guys, you’re the best.

Well I got that wrong…. With a crash on the M1 and serious crash on the A1M that 11 hrs of driving is going to increase massively however we had a lovely BBQ with the Kirby’s. Hopefully the journey back will be better.

Well that ended well. 2 laps into a 4 hour race and I got hit off and now in A&E with a broken collar bone miles from home.

So the bone is in three pieces having had it x-rayed at James Cook University Hospital in Middlesborough and sent home with a sling. Then Sunday to Basingstoke and x-rayed again as they didn’t come over but sent home again to wait for contact from the orthopaedic department.

A big thank you to Richard and Andy who got me and my van home and Jo Kirby who got me to the hospital.


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