Silverstone Ducati Day.

Lined up for Ducati riding day at Silverstone.

My first visit to Silverstone as a rider and on this occasion with Ducati UK. Have done the sessions this morning and getting ready for another the this afternoon. Got complimented on my riding and style by Rick from Essex who have me a tow around to improve my lines a little which was a great help. About to kit up and of we gooooo.

Wasn’t sure about Silverstone bit it’s a really good circuit and went learned you can attack it constantly with plenty of run off if you overcook it which I didn’t. Would I go back? Yes definitely.

I elected to go in the novice on this Ducati day as I’d never been here before and I stayed in it even though I was told I could easily move up if I wanted. I didn’t with was okay because the circuit is so wide you can overtake the real novice riders without any upset and in any case I’m always polite which I was being when someone tagged my rear Tyre and lucky for him he didn’t come off. Idiot.

Gary, Me and Anmar at the days end. Tired and happy
Gave it the beans on the last session.
Anmar’s, mine and Gary’s.


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