Brands Hatch

Our Ducati's lined up for Brands Hatch track day.

Here at Brands Hatch with Gary, Anmar, Garry and Vander. Rain overnight so going to be wet under the trees but dry currently so here’s hoping that it stays that way…

However right at the start of the afternoon sessions it rained a little just enough to make it damp so Gary and Anmar didn’t go out as they had slicks on as did most of the fast group.

My session was next and what I didn’t know was that the rest of the circuit out of our sight had, had a downpour as I was told by the track marshall.  I spent most of the session passing a few slow riders and having great fun on a near empty track.  Brands is quite grippy in the wet and the Mitas Sport Force+ tyres proved to be very good with the wet having never used them in the conditions before.

Think I won Inters that time out. ????

The sun then came out at full blast so the track dried out again.

Surtees Corner. Very late apex!
Gary sunning himself just before the rain.

The next outing will be this Saturday 8th July racing Freetech 125 Endurance with the Little Chopper team up at Teeside Karting Middlesbrough then the OMCC Airfield Riding day 15th July with a long break until August.


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