The Ped almost ready for the 2023 season. Not much needed to be done.

That’s the first Mopedathon of two with OMCC this year with all the proceeds (£1800) going to charity.

All was going well as in the Ped was working fine and then Chris HH had a stupid little off at about 10 mph which ended with him breaking his fib & tib. However on the up side he didn’t do much damage to the Ped. 🙂

Visited Chris in hospital in the evening to see how he was and take him some bits and pieces. He was in good spirits and they were hopeful of a good outcome.


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Brands Hatch July 2024.

Gary, Chris and I at Brands Hatch with No limits. Weather changeable with a few spots of rain in the morning. Sunny and breezy this

Red squirrel yorkshire dales.

Red Squirrel

Whilst in the Yorkshire Dales have been trying to get a good photo of a red squirrel but as they are a little shy and

feeding curlew in the yorkshire dales on the hawes kettlewell road.


Feeding Curlew late afternoon high Yorkshire Dales.

Yorkshire Dales

The weather this week up here in the Yorkshire Dales is wonderful. Sun, breeze, massive thunderstorm, all the things I like about our British climate.

me gary, chris and dave in pits with bikes at autodromo protimao


Gary, me, Dave and Chris after three days at the circuit. This from my third three day visit to the track which is my favourite