OMCC ARD one 2023

With the weather with us the rest of the day went smoothly...

OMCC’s first Airfield Riding Day 22nd April started well and then someone had a big off which slowed the day down especially as it was an air ambulance scoop. Nice to think that we as a club donate not inconsiderable amounts through our charity donations amongst other worthy recipients.

With the weather with us the rest of the day went smoothly and got to have a nice blat around while instructing a very capable rider.


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Red squirrel yorkshire dales.

Red Squirrel

Whilst in the Yorkshire Dales have been trying to get a good photo of a red squirrel but as they are a little shy and

feeding curlew in the yorkshire dales on the hawes kettlewell road.


Feeding Curlew late afternoon high Yorkshire Dales.

Yorkshire Dales

The weather this week up here in the Yorkshire Dales is wonderful. Sun, breeze, massive thunderstorm, all the things I like about our British climate.


The Ped almost ready for the 2023 season. Not much needed to be done.

me gary, chris and dave in pits with bikes at autodromo protimao


Gary, me, Dave and Chris after three days at the circuit. This from my third three day visit to the track which is my favourite